We believe in the power of playtime. 

Grandrabbit's gets its title from the nickname of a kindly grandmother, and as an enterprise, we've aimed to follow in her footsteps; Grandrabbit's is committed to enabling kids of all ages to explore life through play. For 40 years, we've worked to enrich the minds, bodies and spirits that make up our colorful community by providing an eclectic selection of the best toys and books on the market. Our stores are rooted in the concept that a peaceful and inclusive world starts with the cultivation of inquisitive, confident, healthy and happy children. We strive to inspire childlike playfulness in the hearts of all our customers and employees.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

— George Barnard Shaw


Our Mission

To be an evolving business organization that benefits everyone involved. To be successful in human as well as financial goals, and to be a catalyst for positive social change. We are committed to offering high quality, aesthetically pleasing playthings that contribute to a child’s learning and development.