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A good lesson at any age...

Grandrabbit’s carries a book I love because it shows how easy it can be to dismiss a new person, or even someone we know, because of something they do—or in this case, eat—which seems “weird” (read: different). In The Sandwich Swap, Lily and Salma are best friends until one day when Lily’s negative thoughts about Salma’s pita sandwich accidentally fly out of her mouth.

“You’re sandwich looks kind of yucky,” she blurts out. This doesn’t go over very well with her friend, as you can imagine. A food fight ensues, and in the aftermath (which includes a trip to the principal’s office), they swap peanut butter and jelly for hummus and vice versa

and find that first impressions aren’t always what they seem. “Delicious,” they agree after their first bite, then happily munch away.

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