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Attention young readers: earn $5 in Bunny Bucks each month...all summer long!

In case you didn't know, Grandrabbit’s offers a reading program all year around that’s designed to encourage a healthy daily reading habit in kids ages 4-12.

The program is perhaps most important during the summer months, when the incentives of the school year no longer apply—which is especially true now, in the wake of the pandemic and all the disruptions suffered by schoolkids across the globe.

About the program: kids 4-8 years old read for 15 minutes each day throughout the month, while 9-12-year-olds read for 20 minutes each day. After filling in their reading club forms (available at the stores' cash registers), kids can bring them in to receive their $5 Bunny Bucks reward—good on any item(s) in the store. All entries are enrolled in a monthly drawing for an additional prize.

Together we can bolster the benefits of reading every day, which include a wider and more extensive vocabulary, as well as enhanced academic performance, creativity, empathy, concentration levels, and a richer understanding of the world.


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